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Cyberfoot 2010 Mas 33 Ligas.16 (April-2022)




,1 em comentário. W igglern: thank you. Please follow to read the latest news post. Seligman and Nichols (1987) provided evidence suggesting that the best reason for developing a self-handicapping behavior is in order to be viewed as desirable and to receive an attractive partner. In response to the fear of being judged negatively, learners adopt defensive strategies that reduce performance standards and eliminate the likelihood of being negatively judged. Subsequent research on self-handicapping has found evidence for a range of self-handicapping behaviors in an array of settings (e.g., Pechtel & Bowden, 1993). In this section, we will review some of the more prevalent self-handicapping behaviors, and the psychosocial origins and consequences of these behaviors. 3. There are two different approaches to the issue of cheating: Some scholars treat this problem as a moral issue, arguing that some students, or even all students, need to be caught and punished. Other scholars regard the problem as one of classroom management. The latter view is consistent with the premise that educational institutions should focus on teaching students to respect the rules of the game and not on defining cheating. Next, another functionalist explanation can be stated: If we are serious about studying economics, we need to deal with economic issues. Economics is the study of the production and consumption of goods and services. The ultimate goal of the social sciences is to understand the basic processes that shape the structure of human existence. Hence, functionalism suggests that the main purpose of the social sciences is to understand, explain, and predict the functions of society. In order to examine the validity of functionalism in the present study, it is necessary to first consider some of the arguments that have been put forward by critics of functionalism. 5. If a child is born with 100 IQ points, it is no more likely to be brain damaged than an infant born with 300 points. In other words, there is no such thing as a "genetic handicap." -The International Neurodevelopmental Disorder Society. 14). But, what distinguishes these procedures from other forms of analysis is the amount of time we are willing to devote to them. A useful way to think about these various types of analyses is to consider them as sub-areas of a larger whole,



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Cyberfoot 2010 Mas 33 Ligas.16 (April-2022)

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